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We are constantly on the look out for suitable properties that fulfill our selection criteria.  If you are a property owner who wants to enjoy a stable and sustainable income stream from your investment properties without the worry and hassle of managing tenants, we would like to invite you to partner with us for a mutually beneficial business opportunity.  Here is how property owners stand to benefit: 

 1      Long-term Lease - Minimum lease term of 3 years fixed, plus a 2-years renewal option will ensure a                       stable and continuous revenue stream to property owners.  No vacancy period.

 2      Corporate Tenancy – Enhanced accountability and assurance, as property owners will be entering into a                 tenancy agreement with a company rather than an individual. 

 3      On-Time Rent Payments – Rent payments will be made via GIRO or automatic fund transfer from our                       corporate bank account to the property owners’ accounts so that rent payments will never be late.

 4      Regular Maintenance – Owner’s property will be regularly maintained by a team of competent                                 professionals who perform weekly housekeeping, quarterly air-con servicing, and will respond to any                         repair matters within 24 hours.

 5      Compliance to Law – Due diligence will be carried out by professionals who are familiar with the legal                     requirements pertaining to leasing of properties in Singapore to ensure the legal and proper stay of all                       occupants. 

 6      Hassle-free – Owners do not need to deal with the nitty-gritty of managing repair works, 3rd party                             contractors or chasing for payments.  Our team of experienced project managers will take over this                           responsibility fully. 

 7      No Fees is Payable – The best part is ...... No Fees whatsoever will be charged to property owners. 

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